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  • Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)

    Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)

    The only bank that provides a universal basic income. Creating a better system for the many, not the few. Join our movement. Challenge the status quo.

  • Nicholas Ptacek

    Nicholas Ptacek

  • Mai(はな)


    A Japanese born blogger and writer who currently lives in Canada. https://japanesque-cafe.com/

  • Douglas Wiley

    Douglas Wiley

    Software lifer, loving the Notre Dame M.S. Data Science program but really thinking about guitar.

  • Jim Mason

    Jim Mason

    Studies language, cognition, and humans as social animals

  • Klaus Zünkler

    Klaus Zünkler

  • Andy Britnell

    Andy Britnell

    Andy Britnell is a highly experienced technology sales executive & sales leader. He’s also passionate about sports and fitness. http://andybritnell.net

  • David Hewlett

    David Hewlett

    Storyteller, adventurer, and trampoline enthusiast who loves to ask and discover answers to the question: How can I craft the best story possible with my life?

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